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Thanks, {{answer_SvKYzlOAKpE1}}. We're going to ask you a few questions which we've divided into sections. There are four sections in total which we envisage taking no more than 10 minutes to complete (depends how comprehensive your answers are!). The first section is about the impact Tryanuary 2018 has had on your business.

As a business, have you engaged in Tryanuary in previous years? *

Did you embrace the campaign in the same way this year or did you do anything different?

Do you have any indication that Tryanuary this year has had a more positive impact on your business compared to previous years? *

Can you tell us more about that?

How do you feel this year's Tryanuary has impacted your business? *

Thanks for the information. Next we want to ask about your engagement with our team of local volunteers.

Do you know if your area had a local volunteer?

Did you find having local volunteers helpful?

Did you make contact with them and they didn't reply, or did they just not reach out in the first place?

Did you enjoy the role as the volunteer for your area?

Do you feel your businesses missed out at all by not having a volunteer?

Did you like the content that our volunteers generated across our social channels?

If you liked (or indeed disliked) anything in particular, please give us details.
For this campaign we introduced a new website. We've got a couple of questions about it.

Did you make use of our new logo and posters which were available to download on the Tryanuary website?

Did you put on any events in January?

Were these listed on our Events page?

Thank you for the information so far. We have just one section left for feedback and this has five questions about how we could improve the campaign in the future.

What did you like best about the campaign this year? *

Did you find it useful having Beer Days? *

This was where we put the spotlight on a different area every day.
Where do you feel we could improve the campaign in 2019? *

We have a lot to reflect on over the coming months, but just to gauge the interest, would you be interested in sponsoring an aspect of the campaign in 2019? *

The purpose of sponsoring would be to a) make the campaign sustainable given the amount of time that has gone into it this year (all of which was volunteered), and b) grow the campaign so that we can engage a larger audience.

Brilliant, thank you. No need to give us figures, but can you give us an idea of how you would consider being involved? *

Is there any other feedback would like to give us?

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That's it! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your feedback about Tryanuary 2018.

We hope you've really enjoyed the campaign this year and look forward to seeing you for our 5th birthday in 2019.
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